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Dr Uday Pawar is graduated from GDC, Mumbai. He is extremely dedicated hard-core clinician practicing since 23yrs.He has mastery in operating dentistry under Microscope with six handed specially Root Canal procedure or failed Root canal cases, however his passion & clinical hand in aesthetic dentistry is truly incomparable as he sculpt composite restorative material so meticulously in decayed tooth adding natural tooth color with special tints which reforms natural anatomy to tooth so beautifully that it becomes difficult for patient to differentiate between restoration & tooth which is shown on TV monitor recorded under Microscopic video. He believes in preserving maximum tooth structure so that patient can use tooth as complete functional digestive organ. Therefore, he performs minimal tooth cutting under Microscope which is highly recommended for Anterior Veneer cases which gives highly aesthetic look to patient. Dr Uday radiates passion, sincerity so he ensures to provide gentle & compassionate care with precise excellence.




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Uday Pawar

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