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Dr.Rajsinh Sawant is Consulting Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He is sexologists in Kolhapur as well as South Maharashtra & has an experience of 18+ years in the field of Sexology. He is Certified Sex Therapist, Sex Educator and Counselor. Dr. Rajsinh Sawant is Hon. Joint Secretary of National Association of Sexologists in India. He is Fellow of Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International. He is also member of Asia Oceania Federation for Sexology, Indian Association for Sexology and Indian Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. Dr. Rajsinh Sawant has been awarded by 'National Outstanding Services Award' in 30th National Conference of Sexology 2014 at Navi Mumbai. Dr.Rajsinh Sawant is super specialist in the field of sexology & sexual health. He is very much interested in creating awareness about sexual health in Indian Society. He continuously participates in activities regarding development of sexology and mental health that are organized by various organizations, societies and institutes of Reproductive and Sexual Health. He wrote more than 120 articles about sexual and mental health in the leading Marathi Newspapers and Magazines. His motto is 'Enjoyble and appreciable sexual and mental health for everyone.' According to him 'Sexercise' is must for everyone to attain positive sexual and mental health. Most couples who face sexual problems are keen on getting it solved by seeking expert advice and take appropriate treatment but they don't know where to go and whom to approach. If they know, they feel shy to visit a sex clinic or discuss it with a sex therapist. Dr.Rajsinh Sawant is a qualified sexologist and sex therapist who can deal with sexual problems in a friendly way without making the couples feel uncomfortable. Dr.Rajsinh Sawant offers personal counselling to individuals or couples facing sexual problems that includes low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, inability to orgasm. Dr.Sawant believes in using medication as well as sexercises, psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.



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Rajsingh Sawant

3rd Floor, Omega Towers, Rajarampuri 9th Lane, Kolhapur - 416008, Maharashtra, India.