About Us

Kolhapur Engineering Association is the catalyst required by every industry to start any reaction. The efforts of Kolhapur Engineering Association, let them be in interacting with Government officials or portraying the problems of industrialists as a whole or encouraging industrial growth and quality, all help to start a chain reaction resulting in huge rewards and benefits to every industry. Also Kolhapur Engineering Association today has proven itself to be a representative of a group of industries that are strong and capable performers beyond global standards. Kolhapur Engineering Association also plays an active role in creating an environment conductive to growth and provides opportunities to its industries to reach international markets. From agriculture to Information technology Kolhapur Engineering Association has members from all sectors and types of industry.




Kolhapur Engineering Association

Dinesh . Budhale (President)

1243/46-47, E Ward, Madhawrao Karajgar Road, Shivaji Udyam Nagar, Kolhapur