About Us

Even though we diversified into precise machine tooling for last 30 years, farming has been the passion of our family for generations. All our forefathers have swaeted out, in these fields to make those what they are today. We have our own farming land at Tasgaon, which is known as the Raisin Belt of India. Not only we grow our own produce of grapes and papayas and export it, we help many a surrounding farmers to find market for their harvest. Exchanging ideas, thoughts, keeping up with new inventions with the help of each other, has helped our area in producing best quality and large quantity of grapes and papayas for a long time.



Dentflow technologies LLP

Anirudha Kadam

001 - Rudra, Kasabekar Park, New Palace Road, Kolhapur. 416003, Maharashtra, INDIA