About Us

Mr. Ashutosh Ramchandra Keskar is working since year 2000, as an Architect and Interior Designer. The Firm Provides Design Solutions in Architecture and interior designing. The firm has worked on various residential, commercial, institutional projects, public buildings, religious buildings. Each of the projects carry distinct approach, minute detailing and individuality in its own. The Creativity, use of modern technology, innovation & efficient service are our key Characteristics. Creating spaces through simplicity, functionality and creating sustainable environment is the motto. Architecture is our passion, turning ideas into reality and giving buildings a timeless footprint in a community are the values Ashutosh Keskar was built on. We offer interior design in a variety of styles for every room in your house. We create spaces that carry very distinct styles with functional approach.



Architect Ashutosh Keskar

Ashutosh Keskar

Rajarampuri 10 lane, Kolhapur